Batman Arkham City Life-Size Statue Oxmox Muckle

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Great life-size replica of Batman Arkham City. (205 cm)
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From the video game Batman Arkham City comes this stunning life-size statue of Batman.
Itīs made of high quality fiberglass and stands approx. 205 cm (6,7 feets) tall including the base.
This fantastic limited 1/1 scale statue from the life-size experts at Oxmox/Muckle studios features staggering details and leaves any Batman fanatic perfectly happy.

Edition ultra limited to 50 pieces for the world.


H: 6,7 feets tall on his base (205 cm)
W: 31,5 inches (80 cm)
D: 23,6 inches (60 cm)

Due to itīs weight and size, the item will ship in 4 boxes on pallet (Total weight: 120 kgs).