Forbidden Planet Robby the Robot Life-Size Statue Fred Barton

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Amazing electronic life-size statue of Robby The Robot (2,13 meters).

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Fantastic and incredible life-size statue of Robby the Robot of Forbidden Planet.
The statue is manufactured exclusively by Fred Barton.
Each Robby is hand-made usingonly the finest materials.
Robby will arrive pre-programmed with severalmemorable lines from Forbidden Planet, ready to provide a fullout-of-this-world experience.

This robot is more than a recreation or replica, he is virtually another"Robby" created from molds, accurate blueprints and templates acquiredfrom the original costume which appeared in the movie.
This new "Robby"was then completely reworked, to achieve the highest quality and tosatisfy exacting standards.
Only Fred Barton can offerthis high degree of authenticity, as Mr. Barton had the uniqueopportunity to work on the original Robby, when he was commissioned torestore Robby the Robot.

This "Deluxe Edition" includes:

- 100% fiberglass body retooled from the original robot- Fully Mechanized- 7 Feets tall- Professional Showroom Finish
- Break resistant PETG Dome
- Hand machined aluminum, brass, and acrylic detail
- D.C. Servo Controlled Head Movement (Rotating Head Motorized)
- Planetary Spinning Motorized Gyro's
- Mechanical Sax Valves with Reciprocating Arms
- Direct Drive Motorized Rotating Scanners
- Moving Piano Keys, Star and Quad Light
- Animatronic Movement- Microprocessor Controlled Electronics
- Theatre Quality Audio with Sync'd Neons
- Remote Control- Clear Acrylic Beveled Base- Signed by the artist - Fred Barton


H: 7 feets tall (213 cm)
W: 40 inches (116 cm)
D: 36 inches (92 cm)
Weight: 80 kgs.

The statue is delivered on pallet by carrier (Weight 150 kgs).