Guardians of the Galaxy - Star Lord and Baby Groot Life-Size Statue Oxmox Muckle

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Great life-size statue of Star Lord from the movie Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. (200 cm)
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  Shipping end of January 2021.
 Returning to save the galaxy a second time, Peter Quill - better known as STARLORD - is back. And he did not come alone. Baby Groot is firmly attached to his shoulder to help on the Guardians' latest adventure, as depicted in the box-office hit, Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2.

Starlord is made from fiberglass and stands a little over 6 feet tall (including themed base).  The eyes in his helmet light up and he is holding his pair of signature Quad-blasters.

Statue Dimensions:

H:   79? with base

W:   36?

D:   21?

Packaging Dimensions:

Due to its weight and size, the item will ship in three boxes on pallet.

Box 1:  47? x 36? x 17?   -   48lb

Box2:   49? x 36? x 19?   -   53lb 

Box 3:  41? x 25? x 08?   -   57lb